3 Reasons Dentistry Can Be Expensive

Posted on: January 7, 2013 | Blog

Mr. Happy Tooth

Photo by luccawithcheese

Teeth – you’ve got them, and you’ve had them most your life. You’re going to have them for a long time, in fact, so you’d better take care of them. Of course dentistry isn’t always cheap. Here are three reasons this is often the case:

#3 Odd Insurance

Even with dental insurance, the insurance will typically only cover a portion of the cost. The majority of costs will come out of pocket, so while it still might be less expensive to own the insurance, take this into consideration and do your research before purchasing it. You might be better off just paying out of pocket.

#2 A Culture of Braces

In America at least, straight teeth are the norm, and orthodontics are typically considered part of the cost of raising a child. Because this is the standard, it raises the cost (more demand = higher costs), so cheap dentists and orthodontists are hard to find.

#1 Focus on Prevention

Because most dental insurance plans focus on prevention, costs become greater when you move into non-preventative procedures such as roots, crowns, and dentures.

So remember to brush and floss daily! As your dentist would say.

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