Finding a Las Vegas Dentist With No Insurance

Posted on: March 6, 2013 | Article

Are you avoiding the dentist due to cost or lack of insurance? Stop living with tooth pain! At BDG, you can find a Las Vegas dentist with no insurance. We offer quality care at affordable prices for those without insurance. Our flexible financing options make it easy to get the care you need at a price that fits your budget!

No Insurance Financing

Discovering a dentist that takes patients without insurance is a lot easier than you might think. Don’t forget to ask about special offers and promotions.

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Here at BDG, we offer financing plans that include:

  • 0 percent interest among qualified applicants
  • Zero down payment
  • No additional fees will be applied annually
  • Payment plans that can be extended
  • Other forms of payment methods including credit card, cash, or check

Available Procedures

While you may think because financing repayment plans are accepted at all of our locations we may skimp on service, but this is not true in any way. We offer an extensive list of services to all our patients no matter what their financial background may be.

For example, some of our services include:

* Placing and removing braces
* Filling cavities
* Oral cancer screenings
* Denture evaluation and implementation
* Emergencies
* Wisdom teeth removal
* Implants (veneers)
* Mini implants
* Gum therapy
* Teeth whitening
* Porcelain ceramic crown placement
* Fluoride treatments
* Teeth cleanings
* X-rays

The list goes on and on. If you suffer from any kind of pain in your gums or teeth, call our office for an appointment and we will consult you on how to improve the health of your mouth.  By choosing BDG, you will feel better and have money left in your wallet. You can save even more money by clicking here for special offers and promotions. Don’t delay and call today to get your gums, teeth and overall mouth health into the best shape it’s ever been. We offer the best dentist care for those who do not have insurance, give us a call and see what we can do for your smile. At BDG, we are the best choice for dentists in Las Vegas, give us a call at 702.388.8888 for more information.

Las Vegas Dentists with No Insurance