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Posted on: January 30, 2013 | Article

Believe it or not, there are more filling options available than you may think and if you have the budget for it, then you definitely want to take advantage of this.  Double check with your local North Las Vegas dentist about which type of filling is best for each tooth, and what is most cost effective or covered by your insurance provider.

Q: What Type of Fillings Are Available to Me and How do I Know Which is Best?

A:  There are 5 popular types of tooh fillings and these include: 

  • Amalgam
  • Gold
  • Composite
  • Ceramic
  • Glass Ionomers
Amalgams are silver fillings that are covered by almost all insurance.  They are the most common and least expensive forms of fillings, but this certainly does not mean they are the best.  Amalgam fillings actually have a short life span, mainly because they tend to expand and dislodge frequently.  So even though they are the cheapest option, down the road they may just cost you more money when they need to be replaced or when a root canal has to be performed.
Gold fillings are optimal.  They are the strongest and last the longest.  Gold fillings are ideal for large cavities, particularly in the back of the mouth, since they are sturdy and stable.  The only downside is that they are the most expensive and of course, a gold filling is not going to match the color of your teeth.
Composite fillings are often used for front teeth since they are the least noticeable. However, they are somewhat fragile, and therefore not a good option for back teeth.  This white substance matches your tooth color, but they only last about 5 years on average, so be careful before you commit to them.
Ceramic fillings are similar to composite fillings when it comes to matching the color of your natural teeth. They are made from porcelain and often used for molars rather than front teeth since they are more stable. Their inconspicuous color and durability make them good candidates for larger cavities.
Glass Ionomers are rare and used primarily for children.  These are temporary fillings that match the color of teeth.  The biggest advantage of glass ionomers is that they require no drilling, which is why they are utilized for baby teeth.
Brush up on your options when it comes to getting cavities filled and finding the best dentist so you know exactly what questions to ask during your next visit with your local North Las Vegas dentist.

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