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Paul Romero

Meet The Designer

Paul Romero – Design Consultant to BDG

Born and raised in California, Paul has evolved with imagination and inspiration over the years. He began his journey of creativity in 1990 as a Disney cast member. Later down the road he interned for ABC television while learning production value and producing. As a jack of all trades he even became a puppeteer and built sets with themes. Paul joined BDG and created the role of Director of Concept and Resource which he held for 3 years. During his time with BDG, he created and produced 5 unique Themed Dentistry© offices. Paul has recently expanded his design business Think Create Transform and is now an outside consultant to BDG.

One of Paul’s hobbies include film making. Back in 2004 he wrote, produced and directed his first independent film project. He enjoys spending time with his wife Josephine and their daughter. His passion is with creating breathtaking themes that are ever changing and to widen the imagination of business to a whole new level. Paul simply enjoys designing and learning new ways to enhance commercial space or any blueprint that lands in his path.


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